Owosso officials urge residents to keep snow clear from fire hydrants

The fire hydrant, painted to resemble a firefighter, outside the Public Safety Department in Owosso is shown. Officials are asking residents to keep the hydrants on their property clear of snow and ice this winter to make access easier for firefighters.

OWOSSO — There’s no law that says you have to do it, but city officials are hoping residents will take up their shovels this winter and keep a space clear around the fire hydrants in their yards.

There are 636 hydrants located throughout the city of Owosso, and snowfall can make them hard to find in an emergency, when every second counts.

“We would love it if residents are willing to help keep the area around the hydrants clear of ice and snow,” Amy Fuller, assistant to the city manager, said Tuesday. “It can make a difference when time is precious.”

Residents are asked to keep 3 feet around each hydrant shoveled, as well as create a path from the hydrant to the street. The problem is, fire hydrants can get hidden underneath large snowfalls, making it tough for firefighters to find them quickly.

“Any time firefighters are called to a scene, they are capable of clearing the snow but that’s time they could have been holding a hose and fighting a fire.”

Pitching in to keep hydrants showing is purely voluntary. However, that’s not the case when it comes to keeping your sidewalks clear after a snowfall. A city ordinance requires sidewalks to be shoveled within 24 hours of a snow event.

For details, call Owosso City Hall at (989) 725-0599.

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This is something we actually have to tell people? Have we no common sense anymore?

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