OWOSSO — Thomas Trecha, the longtime manager of Capitol Bowl, released a statement via Facebook over the weekend in which he says he is innocent of groping a woman in October 2018.

Trecha was charged with criminal sexual conduct-fourth degree after he allegedly groped a woman on stage while she was performing karaoke.

Court records indicate the CSC-4 charge was bound over to circuit court, but eventually dropped. Trecha was instead charged with misdemeanor aggravated assault. As part of a plea agreement with prosecutors, Trecha pleaded no contest May 13 to the misdemeanor. Trecha received six months probation, four days community service and was ordered to pay court fines and costs.

In the statement released on Facebook, Trecha denies any guilt, and says he only accepted a plea deal because he couldn’t take the risk of being sentenced to prison.

“The way my case was publicized by the press, people commenting on social media, and being mishandled, all made me look guilty from the start (innocent until proven guilty was null and void for me),” the statement said. “Also, my reputation has been ruined. Because of this, I don’t think I can trust our local justice system (sad to say about my hometown of 57 years). So, along with my family, we decided that I would agree to a lesser charge. Even though I’m innocent of all charges and had my own witnesses that can attest to my innocence, I couldn’t fathom losing a trial and being placed on the sex offender list for 15 years. I did not plead guilty to any charges.”

The Argus-Press interviewed six people who witnessed the incident at Capitol Bowl, and all six supported the alleged victim’s claims. Additionally, the victim shared text messages from Trecha apologizing to her after the incident.

Trecha, however, denies knowing the victim, and has “no idea who she is and wouldn’t have been able to identify her if she was in front of me,” according to the Facebook post shared on several media and other pages.

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