Woman sent to prison over drug court violations


CORUNNA — A 24-year-old Owosso woman pleaded guilty and was sentenced Wednesday to violating her probation and drug court policies by using and testing positive for methamphetamine.

Brianna Shantel Silvers was sentenced to one year, four months to two years in prison by 35th Circuit Court Judge Matthew Stewart for two felony possession of a controlled substances charges. She was credited with 87 days served toward her sentence. She had originally been sentenced to probation and was accepted into the Shiawassee County Drug Court in 2018 for those convictions.

Silvers was also discharged unsuccessfully from both probation and drug court.

“I’m very disappointed in you,” Stewart told Silvers. “We’ve given you everything we got. We gave you mental health, inpatient twice, we gave you care, we gave you compassion. We helped you get a job and place to live. Everything we could give you, we gave you. In return, you use.”

Defense attorney Adam Pfeiffer asked the court to allow Silvers to continue with her probation and drug court.

“Ms. Silvers owned up to the fact that she relapsed,” Pfeiffer said. “She was proud of the months she had clean and sober. She doesn’t have those 18 months anymore — she has zero ... She lost it. I would ask that you give her the inpatient treatment she needs. She wishes that this hadn’t happened.”

Prosecutor Scott Koerner called Silvers’ probation violation “a sad situation.”

“I’ve gotten to know Brianna over the last year and a half and she had been making some progress,” Koerner said. “Unfortunately, this was not her first relapse – it was her second relapse. The drug court team has worked hard to find a solution and bent over backward to help her.”

Silvers said she had a “lack of respect” for herself, and asked to be allowed to continue her treatment.

“I need to take things more seriously,” Silvers said. “You just don’t keep getting chances in drug court. It’s helped me more than I can say. I don’t want to be kicked out of the program. I want to remain in the program and be successful.”

Stewart noted that Silvers had sought out drugs and had used drugs in front of her daughter, and said the treatment court was out of options.

“I take great offense to that,” Stewart said. “In fact, I feel responsible for that. I feel responsible for your daughter, and allowing her to be with you when you stuck a needle in your arm. And I don’t know if I can forgive myself for that. And that’s your fault. You will not be coming back in the program. We can’t help you because you won’t help yourself.”

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