Owosso man rejects plea deal in CSC case


CORUNNA — An Owosso man charged with fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct (force or coercion) rejected a plea deal offered by the Shiawassee County Prosecutor’s Office during a video hearing Wednesday in 35th Circuit Court, and is taking his case to jury trial.

Kenneth Frank Mrazik, 61, is accused of grabbing a woman’s buttocks and propositioning her in front of several of their children at her Owosso residence while he was heavily intoxicated in October 2019.

Prosecutor Scott Koerner said his office had extended a plea offer that would have dismissed a habitual offender status attached to the charge, but Mrazik elected to take his case to trial instead.

Defense attorney Jacob Raleigh asked Mrazik if he believed it was “in his best interest” to proceed to a jury trial.

“Yes, sir, I do,” Mrazik said.

Court records indicate a warrant was issued for Mrazik’s arrest Oct. 25, 2019. He was arraigned in 66th District Court before Judge Terrance Dignan; he pleaded not guilty. Records do not indicate the reason for the delay between the warrant being issued and his arrest.

Mrazik has either posted bond or been released from the Shiawassee County Jail since his arraignment, but court records do not specify when he was released.

At the conclusion of Wednesday’s hearing, Judge Matthew Stewart told Mrazik that due to the COVID-19 outbreak, no specific date for trial could be scheduled; a date will depend upon when the court is able to resume normal operations.

“You have a constitutional right to a speedy trial,” Stewart said. “To be honest with you sir, I’m not sure when we’ll be able to have a jury trial. Maybe next month, maybe the month after, I just don’t know for sure. But I assure you that as soon as we can try your case, we will.”

Stewart ordered Mrazik’s bond continued.

In Michigan, fourth-degree CSC is a high court misdemeanor punishable by up to two years in prison and/or a $500 fine.

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