OWOSSO TWP. — The township water tower, located in the industrial park along South Delaney Road, was taken down and removed Monday after township officials deemed the structure to be obsolete.

Contractors from Iseler Demolition, of Port Hope, were hoisted atop the tower with a crane Monday morning, and removed the steel structure in sections from the top down.

Work began on the approximately 120-foot-tall tower about 8 a.m., according to Iseler’s Phillip Fastenau, and was completed by 5 p.m.

Township Fire Chief David Johnson said the township has not used the tower in about eight years.

“The water tower used to provide water for the industrial park, and in 2011 we contracted with the city of Owosso to provide water for us,” Johnson said. “We’ve not used the tower, it’s getting rusty, so now we’re getting rid of it.”

The city reached a contractual agreement with the township regarding municipal water service in January 2011.

The contract stipulated that businesses in the Owosso Township Industrial Park must connect to the city water system, which runs through the city’s water tower located due north of the industrial park.

The agreement allowed area township residents the opportunity to connect to city water, though they were not contractually obligated to do so.

State Rep. Ben Frederick — who was then mayor of Owosso — said at the time that approving the contract was a wonderful moment for the city council.

“The goal is quite simple. We want to provide quality water for businesses and give residents the option of quality water as well in Owosso Township, and I hope this is the first of many such ways that we can help share our services,” Frederick said at the time.

The township’s water tower is the second to be removed in three years.

Iseler previously removed the water tower behind Kroger in Caledonia Township in 2016, after businesses in the Owosso East Shopping Center gained access to water through Owosso and Caledonia township.

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