NEW YORK (AP) — Wholesale cash prices Tuesday

Tue Mon



Broilers national comp wtd av 1.0470 1.0470

Eggs large white NY Doz. 1.08 1.08

Flour hard winter KC cwt 20.80 20.90

Cheddar Cheese Chi. 40 block per lb. 2.3938 2.3938

Coffee parana ex-dock NY per lb. 1.9970 1.9660

Coffee medlin ex-dock NY per lb. 2.5734 2.5413

Cocoa beans NY per ton 2673 2681

Cocoa butter African styl $ met ton 4000 4000

HogsIowa/Minnbarrows&giltswtdav 69.05 70.09

Feeder cattle 500-550 lb Okl av cwt 156.50 156.50

Pork loins 13-19 lb FOB Omaha av cwt 104.40 109.91


Corn No. 2 yellow Chi processor bid 5.32½ 5.40½

Soybeans No. 1 yellow 12.08¼ 12.48

Soybean Meal Cen Ill 48pct protein-ton 325.70 325.70

Wheat No. 2 Chi soft 7.24 7.24

Wheat N. 1 dk 14pc-pro Mpls. 9.60 9.50½

Oats No. 2 heavy or Better 6.63 6.88

Fats & Oils

Corn oil crude wet/dry mill Chi. lb. .51½ .51½

Soybean oil crude Decatur lb. .70¾ .70¾


Antimony in warehouse per ton 11950 11950

Copper Cathode full plate 4.3203 4.1622

Molybdenum per metric ton LME 43,499 43,499

Textiles, Fibers and Miscellaneous

Cotton 1-1-16 in. strict low middling 103.17 106.58

Raw Products

Coal Central Appalachia $ per short ton 75.50 73.25

Natural Gas Henry Hub, $ per mmbtu 5.460 5.400

b-bid a-asked



n.q.-not quoted

n.a.-not available

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