Latunski arraignment

Mark Latunski is seen during his Dec. 30 video arraignment in 66th District Court on murder and mutilation of a body charges in this photo.

In addition to the man who fled from the residence of Mark Latunski Nov. 26 wearing only a leather cape/kilt, another incident occurred Oct. 10 — that also involved a man who called police claiming he had been drugged, woke up in Latunski’s basement in chains, cut himself free, and fled Latunski’s residence.

Michigan State Police confirmed this week that a middle-age man from New York, fled Latunski’s residence after coming to and believing he had been drugged on Oct. 10, 2019, but eventually said the act was consensual, and did not wish to press charges. The Argus-Press is not disclosing the individual’s identity since no charges were filed, but it is highly likely the man will be called as a witness in Latunski’s trial.

According to Shiawassee County scanner traffic from approximately 2:35 a.m. Oct. 10, central dispatch received a call from South Morrice Road, from a male who “just woke up and believed he was drugged.”

“He said he woke up in a basement and was chained to something,” a dispatcher said during the call. “So he cut the chain off.”

The man’s phone GPS location was traced to South Morrice Road near the Looking Glass River, and at least two police cars, along with an ambulance responded to the scene. Before police arrived, the man told dispatch he was carrying a knife, and had used it to cut free from the chains.

Dispatch then instructed the man to drop the knife so that police knew he would not be a threat. The man then placed the knife on a guard rail when police arrived.

An ambulance was dispatched as a precaution, but the man said he didn’t require medical attention. The ambulance “staged,” or waited near the scene, and was later cancelled by the responding troopers.

The man who fled then told police the house he had fled from was south of the location he was at. Latunski’s residence is just south of that location, on the 700 block of West Tyrell Road in Bennington Township.

“We’re getting to the bottom of this,” one of the responding officers told dispatch. The scanner traffic continues for over an hour. Eventually, the man who fled the home told police the encounter was consensual. He also later returned to spend several days with Latunski, according to MSP.

Since no charges were filed, the man’s name has not been released.

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