Only two seek treasurer's post; deadline Friday

CORUNNA — According to county officials, only two people have applied to fill the spot of retired Treasurer Thomas Dwyer, whose last day was Aug. 30.

The deadline to apply to the county committee making the selection is 5 p.m. Friday.

The two individuals who have applied so far have not been named.

Interested applicants can visit the county’s website or send a cover letter and resume to the county clerk.

Following the deadline, the committee will reconvene Wednesday in the county board chambers to review candidates and select finalists. On Sept. 23, the committee plans to interview the remaining applicants and potentially make a selection.

The first of three meetings to replace Dwyer took place Aug. 29 with search committee members Probate Judge Thomas Dignan, Prosecutor Deanna Finnegan and Clerk Caroline Wilson laying out the timeline for selecting Dwyer’s successor.

“This is set up by the Constitution, not the Legislature so there’s no statutory specific format that we have to follow so all of us are… I would say we are feeling our way through this,” Dignan said.

According to a press release from the committee, “Desired experience could include managing a small staff, managing an office budget, familiarity with collection and distribution of tax roll levies and investment and distribution of funds to local municipalities.”

Michigan only requires that a person be 18 and a resident of the county to run for treasurer, according to Finnegan.

Dwyer announced he would step down in August amid scrutiny over what several county commissioners said was a pattern of missing work regularly. A press release stated health was a contributing factor in his decision.

Dwyer was first elected treasurer in 1996 and was in the midst of his sixth four-year term.

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