Pro BeGole TV spot stirs pot at county board meeting

A campaign sign for Brian BeGole in Corunna.

CORUNNA — Controversy arose at Thursday night’s Shiawassee County Board of Commissioners meeting centered around a television advertisement in support of Shiawassee County Sheriff Brian BeGole’s Republican bid for the District 71 state representative seat.

The ad features BeGole in his uniform; the phone number for the sheriff’s office; and the text, “Tell him you support his conservative plan for Michigan.”

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Mother Hen

I called the number and it was answered quickly with no phone menu to choose from. Hmm...

Tamara Sanders

It seems unusual to have a campaign sign refer to the candidate by his current office. "Sheriff Begole" for rep, not just "Begole for rep". It seems borderline improper. As well as confusing, since "Sheriff" is in big letters and "representative" is smaller. But using the Sheriffs office phone number in his campaign ads is very clearly over the line. I wish this county would start enforcing mainstream anti-corruption laws.


Apparently you missed the fact that Begole's campaign had NOTHING to do with this ad. How about everyone stop arguing and political games, and focus their issues with the originator of the ad.

Tamara Sanders

add to previous comment, I think wearing his uniform in his campaign pictures is also improper. He should not be allowed to use his Sheriff position to campaign for another job.


You just don’t get. BeGole had nothing to do with the ad. Go to the fund that put it out


Nothing ever seems to be BeGole's fault right? With all of the negative news stories written about him in the past year, plus several lawsuits, you'd think the guy would stop the blame game. But no, he continues to blame everyone else. Now he's using the sheriff's office as a campaign headquarters. Are we all just going to be OK with that???


So Central Dispatch has time to take calls regarding politics, but can’t send out text notices advising traffic backups to avoid because of an accident or only send out very minimal notices about severe weather that are almost useless. Both of these are services provided by our neighbor countries, but not Shiawassee.

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