OWOSSO — The Community District Library is becoming a fine free library system.

Starting immediately, daily overdue fines will no longer be charged for materials, with an exception of hotspots and children’s Launchpad Learning Tablets, due to high demand.

Patrons’ existing overdue fine balances will be waived at checkout, excluding materials that have been lost.

The library recognized there are many benefits to going fine-free, including welcoming back patrons who may have inadvertently racked up fines and have been unable to pay them off. Going fine free aligns with the mission to make the library a welcoming place for everyone in the community.

By removing the threat of daily accumulating late fines, people are less likely to avoid returning to the library and more likely to bring back any overdue items they’ve checked out, officials said in a press release.

Going fine free doesn’t mean that the patrons can keep library materials. Patrons will still be responsible for returning or renewing materials.

At 21 days, an item is set to “lost,” a block will occur on the patrons’ account for materials costing more than $25 until the item is returned. After 31 days, materials worth more than $25 will be sent to collections until they are returned or paid for. If the item is found after that, a $10 collection fee will apply, but late fines will not be charged or accumulate on an item.

A series of reminders via text, email or mail will be sent out as notifications to patrons for materials that are overdue. The Community District Library has library branches in Bancroft, Byron, Corunna, Lennon, Morrice, New Lothrop, and Perry.

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