NEW LOTHROP — As the youngest of three children, Brianna Kline learned the value of a quality education from an early age.

Her sister Brittney, 24, recently earned her master’s degree and is currently an occupational therapist. Her brother Brandon, 20, is on his way to becoming an optometrist.

Kline, a senior a New Lothrop High School, is currently ranked No. 1 in her class with a 4.05 GPA and although she’s undecided on a specific college major, she plans to pursue a career in the health science field.

“My older siblings have taken on jobs in the health profession and I’ve seen through their studies that it would be something that would definitely interest me,” Kline said. “My whole family has always taught me how important my education is. They’ve always taught me, you know, it doesn’t matter about your grades but it’s about how much you learn in school. Learning is the best thing you can do for yourself, so I really try to keep that as a main focus throughout my academics.”

Kline is enrolled in AP calculus and literature, and she’s a member of both the varsity volleyball and softball teams. She also serves as a statistician for the high school wrestling team, and during her freshman and sophomore years she held the title of student council president.

“I like to stay involved in a lot of things as much as I can because, you know, I find it really fun, and I like hanging out with friends,” Kline said.

As for her favorite subject, Kline leans toward the sciences, with human anatomy at the top of the list.

“I feel like science classes come the easiest to me and I think they’re the most interesting,” Kline said. “They apply to my life, so like learning about the human body or learning about the world around me, it’s more interesting to me than a history class would be, for example.”

Kline has her college choice narrowed down to Michigan State University (MSU) and Saginaw Valley State University (SVSU).

She has already been offered The Founder’s Award at SVSU — a $5,000 per-year scholarship for four years — and based upon her high school GPA, class ranking and SAT score, she’s also eligible for the university’s competitive full-ride scholarship.

Kline said she will travel to SVSU in November to take part in the competition, which consists of a timed essay.

As for right now, Kline is simply making the most of her senior year.

“The biggest advice my brother gave me in high school is to balance your learning with the experience itself, so go to all of the football games, go to everything you can and make the most of it while you’re here,” Kline said. “So far it’s going really well. I took some challenging classes but I seem to be doing well and keeping up my grades, and I’m having a fun time with the football games.”

In her free time, Kline enjoys spending time outdoors, which often includes fishing with her brother. She also likes to spend time with friends, going to the movies or going to the mall.

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