CORUNNA — An Owosso man Thursday pleaded guilty in 35th Circuit Court to possession of methamphetamine, and his bond was revoked by Judge Matthew Stewart after he tested positive for the drug.

Vincent Maniscalco, 30, told Stewart he “is an addict” and asked the court for help.

“When was the last time you used methamphetamine?” Stewart asked Maniscalco.

“About three days ago,” Maniscalco replied.

“Surely you must know that use of methamphetamine is a violation of bond,” Stewart said. “Although I do appreciate you being honest.”

“This is what the court is going to do,” Stewart told Maniscalco. “I’m going to lodge you today, but I’m going to let you out Monday morning. That should be enough time to clean your system. I know you want out and that you want help and I appreciate you being honest. You’re taking the right step.”

Stewart told Maniscalco that when he is released Monday, he must immediately report to the county’s probation department, and will be subject to “colors,” or the random intensive drug testing program, and he would be screened for one of Shiawassee County’s treatment courts.

Maniscalco agreed to a plea deal with prosecutors. Under the terms of the deal, Maniscalco admitted to meth possession, and a second-offense drug offender status was dropped, along with several other traffic-related misdemeanors. Estimated sentencing guidelines indicate a possible term of 11 months in jail.

Maniscalco said he was going through a lot.

“It’s not an excuse, but I’ve been an addict,” Maniscalco said. “That’s the life, it’s what I know. I’ve asked for help, I’ve tried to seek rehab and stuff like that. And this trouble really scares me… This is just a scare right now. I do (want help) very much.”

Stewart told Maniscalco that while he would consider him for a treatment court, he could not guarantee his acceptance into one of the programs.

“I’m kind of impressed this defendant was so honest and forthright with his drug use and his request,” Stewart said.

The charges were lodged after Maniscalco was pulled over in Owosso in November 2019. While searching his vehicle, officers found a small amount of meth in his backpack. He was arrested at the scene.

He was arraigned May 8 in 66th District Court before Judge Ward Clarkson; he pleaded not guilty. Court records do not indicate the amount of bond or date posted, but Maniscalco had been free until Thursday’s hearing.

Stewart set sentencing for 8:30 a.m. Sept. 3.

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