CORUNNA — Two additional COVID-19-related deaths in Shiawassee County were reported by the county health department Friday, bringing the total to 24.

On Saturday, health officials announced 237 confirmed cases, with 96 people recovered. Seventy-five men and 162 females were infected.

The total number of confirmed infected persons actually dropped from 240 cases Friday to 237 cases Saturday, the result of a number of false positive tests conducted by Memorial Healthcare earlier in the week.

“Memorial Healthcare had two days of COVID-19 testing that included 18 Shiawassee County residents with results that were communicated initially as positive,” county health officials said in a statement Friday evening.

‘When initially tested, the range of results should have been described as inconclusive ranging toward the positive spectrum of results instead of positive.

“Given the sensitivity of the testing used, each of these results needed further evaluation, and the next day all 18 tests were re-performed with the original specimens,” the statement continued.

“As a result of this confirmation testing, all but two of the original positive results were confirmed negative. Following these results, all recipients of these tests were contacted and offered a third test to be performed with new collection samples taken. As of today, 13 have again been confirmed to be negative with this second retest.”

Health officials said Memorial communicated the false positives to the health department “as rapidly as possible.”

As of Saturday, 3,529 tests were performed with 3,196 negative results.

In Shiawassee County, about 65 percent of all cases were among residents of long-term care facilities.

Additional cases counted with the general public involved care facility staff.

All care facilities in the county that reported outbreaks previously now say those situations are slowly resolving with no new cases and people who were infected slowly recovering.

Cases have been reported at Pleasant View, Durand Senior Care and Rehab, The Meadows and The Lodges of Durand.

In Saginaw County there were 978 cases, up from 974. Chapin Township had fewer than five and Chesaning had five cases.

Brady Township reported five cases and Maple Grove Township had nine.

In the village of Chesaning, the number was 30.

Reports say many of those cases involve a care facility, but county health officials have not confirmed that.

Statewide, 53,913 people were confirmed with infections from the respiratory virus and 5,158 died.

The overall fatality rate was 10 percent. Statewide, there have been 54,365 confirmed COVID-19 cases, with 5,223 deaths.

Across the U.S., there have been 1,607,726 confirmed cases, and 96,447 deaths.

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