Nikita Havens

Nikita Havens, left, is seen during her sentencing hearing Friday in 35th Circuit Court.

CORUNNA — A Facebook feud between two women over an ex-boyfriend and finished with a “brutal” and “savage” assault ended up costing Nikita Havens, 33, of Lansing, at least two years in prison.

Havens was sentenced Friday morning to two to 15 years in prison for felony counts of assault with intent to do great bodily harm (strangulation) and second-degree home invasion by 35th Circuit Court Judge Matthew Stewart, ordered to pay $853.93 in restitution to the victim, and court fines and costs. Havens was credited with 53 days served toward her sentence. Stewart also ordered that Havens undergo anger management counseling while serving her sentence.

“She said something ‘sideways’ to you, so you came from Lansing to her house,” Stewart said before announcing Havens’ sentence. “When she answered the door, you burst in and you assaulted her. You punched her in the face, threw her on the ground, kicked her in the head and stomach. It’s brutal. Savagery, really.”

Havens was originally charged with first-degree home invasion after an online spat in January with a woman in Shiawassee County over an ex-boyfriend. Havens was upset with a Facebook post by the other woman, drove to Owosso from Lansing, forced entry into her home and assaulted her. The Owosso woman suffered a broken nose that required surgery, bruised ribs, and other injuries that required medical care after the assault. Havens posted a $5,000 bond and was released until the charges were filed by prosecutors in March.

According to court records, Havens was arraigned on the charge April 2 in 66th District Court by Judge Ward Clarkson; she pleaded not guilty.

Havens accepted a plea offer from prosecutors July 18 in which the first-degree home invasion would be reduced to second-degree, and she would also plead guilty to assault with intent to do great bodily harm.

Defense attorney Doug Corwin blamed the crime on Havens’ inability to resolve conflicts peacefully and asked the court to consider a term of probation for his client.

“She does have some issues with anger management,” Corwin said. “I’d ask the court to consider 12 months and the Swift and Sure program for her.”

Prosecutor Scott Koerner disagreed, however, and noted that Havens attempted to concoct a false alibi defense, and after hours of time wasted by prosecutors, later found out Havens made it all up.

“She says she’s sorry in her statement. I believe she’s sorry she got caught. I don’t care what happened. It doesn’t give you the right to assault someone and cause physical and emotional injury,” Koerner said.

Havens apolologized to the court in a short statement. “I’m truly sorry. This is something I will never, ever do again. I’m just ready to face my consequences and go back to being a productive member of society.”

Stewart then read aloud a list of the victim’s physical injuries, before telling Havens she presented a danger to Shiawassee County.

“As long as Ms. Havens is out on the street, everybody in Shiawassee County should be afraid,” Stewart said. “Because if anyone says something ‘sideways’ to you, that could happen to them. That’s very concerning. I don’t understand what kind of world we live in that would do that to someone. She was hurt bad, and you changed her life forever. Think about that.”

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