Alligator escapes from owners, caught by police

OWOSSO — A 4-foot-long pet alligator — yes, an alligator — escaped from its owner’s house on Hamblin Street Sunday and Monday nights before being “coralled” by Owosso police and returned to its owner.

According to a Facebook post by the city of Owosso, “an alert citizen spotted an alligator in Owosso and called police. Officers located the 4-foot-long alligator, which had escaped from its cage in a nearby house on Hamblin Street.”

The alligator had apparently also escaped from its cage Sunday night.

“On both occasions, officers were able to corral the alligator and return it to the owner,” the post states.

Denise Spencer, whose son owns the alligator, named Yoshi, said the animal’s enclosure wasn’t secured properly.

In addition to a $75 citation, they were given two weeks to find the reptile a new home. She said she has had little luck in doing so.

Spencer said her son has had the animal for at least a decade and she has been taking care of it for more than a year.

Residents are prohibited from having alligators as pets in the city of Owosso. According to the Facebook post, the owner was cited for having the alligator, and is “looking to donate the alligator to a pet sanctuary.”

Shiawassee County Animal Control assisted Owosso police with the investigation.

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