Curtis Hunt

Curtis Hunt, center, is seen during his sentencing hearing Friday in 35th Circuit Court in Corunna.

CORUNNA — An Owosso man was sentenced to one year in the Shiawassee County jail Friday for possession of methamphetamine by 35th Circuit Court Judge Matthew Stewart.

Curtis Hunt, 50, was sentenced to two years of probation, the first year of which will be served in the county jail, and was ordered to pay court costs and fines. Hunt was given credit for one day served.

Hunt was arrested Jan. 6 at Meijer when police found him asleep in his vehicle. Upon searching Hunt, police discovered 2.5 grams of meth in his possession, as well as additional amphetamine. Hunt was charged with two controlled substance counts, posted bond and was released while awaiting disposition of the case. Court records do not indicate the amount of the bond.

He was arraigned March 12 by 66th District Court Judge Terrance Dignan; Hunt pleaded not guilty.

Hunt agreed to plead guilty to a single meth possession charge at a hearing May 30. As part of the plea agreement, prosecutors offered a “7411” delayed sentencing arrangement, which would have seen the felony charge expunged from Hunt’s record upon the successful completion of probation.

At Friday’s sentencing, however, Stewart said “the wheels fell off” the plea agreement, after Hunt was unable to provide a urine or saliva sample for drug testing. Hunt said he had “been around people” who were smoking meth, before admitting to “taking two puffs” of meth within the last several days.

“Are you ready to end all this nonsense?” Stewart asked Hunt. “Go ahead, come clean with us.”

“I have a problem and I need treatment,” Hunt said. He had previously denied the drugs found in his possession were his, and he had found them in the Meijer parking lot. “I made a mistake.”

“The mistake was lying to the court,” Stewart said. “Misconduct after the plea is grounds for the court to back out of that agreement. The court chooses to exercise that option.”

Hunt’s attorney Doug Corwin asked the court to impose a term of probation, and include substance abuse counseling as part of Hunt’s sentence. “He lied to the court and there’s going to be some punishment,” Corwin said.

Prosecutor Deana Finnegan reviewed Hunt’s prior criminal history, which dates back 30 years and includes three misdemeanor drunken-driving convictions, and asked for at least a short term of incarceration.

“He has a problem with alcohol,” Finnegan said. “He obviously has a problem with controlled substances. He just blatantly lied. He lied in his interview with police officers, lied in the description of the events, and didn’t think he should have been charged… Someone with that kind of attitude and non-ownership of the problem isn’t going to change their habits at 50 years old.”

Hunt apologized for lying and asked the court for substance abuse treatment.

“I know it was a big mistake,” Hunt said. “I realize it now. I could leave this in the past if I could get some treatment.”

Stewart, however, noted that Hunt had never requested treatment before being charged with drug possession.

“I thought about that as I was talking to your attorney,” Stewart said. “Then as I listened to you, I think you only want treatment now because you got caught in your lie… Until we found out you were using meth while on bond, only then did you decide to ask for treatment. That tells me that would be a waste. There won’t be any treatment… That was not the way to handle this case, Mr. Hunt.”

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