CALEDONIA TWP. — Great Lakes Bay Health Center’s (GLBHC) Shiawassee County location is teaming up with Blue Cross Complete to help feed area people in need in Shiawassee County.

GLBHC is setting up a free food pantry outside its location at 200 Caledonia Drive. Blue Cross Complete will stock the pantry with nonperishable food once a month and GLBHC will be responsible for collecting donations to keep it stocked.

“I think it’s important because there’s a lot of homelessness in Shiawassee County,” said Hannah Marrah, Great Lakes Bay Health Center’s Shiawassee center manager. “We want to let them know that we can help them and they can come to our facility and take anything they need and then we can bring them in the door and help them get insurance and whatever else they might need.”

Marrah said she hopes to partner with area churches and nonprofits to ensure the pantry is stocked.

“The pantry will be take what you need and leave what you can,” Marrah said.

GLBHC is accepting donations of nonperishable food at its Caledonia Township location.

Great Lakes Bay Health Centers provides primary cares to anyone regardless of their insured status and works with lower-income people who may not have health insurance or are on Medicaid.

The group’s mission statement is to provide health care to individuals and communities, especially those who are underserved, uninsured or underinsured. The services provided are sensitive to the needs of the community, not based on ability to pay and offered without regard to criteria such as race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation or gender identity.

The organization has two nurse practitioners and one nurse assistant.

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