CORUNNA — An Owosso man was sentenced to at least two years in prison Friday for interfering with an electronic monitoring device by Judge Matthew Stewart in 35th Circuit Court.

Steven Lockwood, 30, was sentenced to 25-48 months with the Michigan Dept. of Corrections and ordered to pay court costs and fines. Lockwood was not given credit for 286 days served since he was on parole at the time of the offense. The sentence will not begin until Lockwood is finished serving the sentence for which he was on parole.

Lockwood was already on parole for a 2013 felony fleeing and eluding conviction when he used aluminum foil to interfere with a GPS device in July 2018. He was arrested Aug. 7, 2018. Court records indicate Lockwood posted a $3,000 cash/surety bond at that time.

He was arraigned Sept. 4, 2018 in 66th District Court by Judge Terrance Dignan; Lockwood pleaded not guilty. The case was bound over to circuit court Oct. 2, 2018, and Stewart increased Lockwood’s bond to $50,000. Lockwood has been lodged at the jail since that time while awaiting disposition of the case.

At Friday’s hearing, Lockwood’s attorney Scott Gould asked the court for leniency despite his client’s previous record, which includes two felony convictions and numerous misdemeanors.

“He truly understands the situation,” Gould said. “Looking back at his criminal record, it’s concerning. One may glean that he’s learned so much about the law being involved with it. His sights are set on a different direction. He realizes life is bigger than himself.”

Lockwood, who has a newborn child, asked the court for a light sentence. “I know my record,” Lockwood said. “It’s not good… I started a vicious cycle and continued to get in trouble. After getting in trouble for so many years, I tried to learn how to control my thinking, to get a better perspective of what not to do… Since I’ve been sitting here this last year, I realized this wasn’t a victimless crime… I realize it’s not only me I have to worry about.”

Prosecutor Deana Finnegan asked for a prison term at the top of sentencing guidelines due to Lockwood’s previous record.

“I’d ask the court follow the recommendation,” Finnegan said. “I think it fairly reflects what this man did, tampering with an electronic device.”

Before announcing Lockwood’s sentence, Stewart noted that the court had already given him numerous chances in the past.

“You went to prison in 2013 for fleeing/eluding-type offenses,” Stewart said. “So you were paroled in 2017. You were given a GPS monitoring tether so MDOC could keep an eye on you and supervise you while you transitioned back into the community. Instead of doing what you were supposed to, you knew what you were doing when you circumvented the tether with tin foil and blocked the signal, in your own words, ‘to cheat the system.’”

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