The Game Store

The Game Store on Washington Street in Owosso is shown Tuesday, hours after an unidentified man broke into the store by smashing a front window with a machete and stole merchandise.

OWOSSO — A male wielding a machete broke into The Game Store of Owosso, 221 N. Washington St., just before midnight Monday and stole some merchandise before fleeing the store.

The man, estimated to be about age 17-24, was still at large Tuesday afternoon. Police are asking the public for help in identifying him.

According to store security video capturing the break-in, the man used the machete to smash a glass pane in the front window. He then entered through the window.

The video shows that the man was inside the store for about one minute. He stuffed about $250 worth of merchandise into a bag he had brought with him. He was dressed in black and wearing a red bandanna as a mask.

“He did way more in damage to the store than what the merchandise was worth,” Damian Meszko, co-owner of The Game Store, said Tuesday.

Images from the video have been posted on the store’s Facebook page, The Game Store of Owosso. Police are asking for help in identifying the suspect.

“We’re investigating, and we have recovered some physical evidence from the store,” Lt. Eric Cherry said Tuesday. “Any information the public can give us about the suspect would be greatly appreciated.”

The Game Store opened Tuesday as usual. Meszko said he has covered the broken window with wood and plastic.

“The Owosso police were awesome to work with. They seemed impressed with our security system,” Meszko said, adding wrly: “The store is open regular hours, but we’re out of stock on a couple of things now.”

Meszko, who also co-owns Gamers Sanctuary in Flint Township, said this is the first time either store has been burglarized.

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