Momma P's Pizza

Levi Peffer, right, is seen at his new business venture Momma P's Pizza, at Burton Corners in this Thursday photo.

MIDDLEBURY TWP. — Most 21-year-olds don’t have the first idea what they want to do with their life. But Levi Peffer, of Ovid, recently bought the pizza shop inside Burton Corners gas station, located at 6007 W. M-21, and relaunched it as “Momma P’s Pizzeria.”

He must have decided it was time to be an adult. After all, in 2018, Peffer made a lot of money by selling football cards, and that’s where he got the capital to purchase the business.

Peffer, originally from Ohio, went to high school in Ovid-Elsie until his sophomore year, until he transferred to alternative education. From there, Peffer had “all but dropped out” of school by his senior year.

“During this time I was a little lost and somewhat depressed but somehow I became infatuated with commodities,” Peffer said in an email. “Especially a very rare one. In fact, in high-end sports cards.”

He said he began collecting sports cards, and six years later Peffer was starting to find people who would buy cards for $500 and sell them for several thousand dollars. An idea was born in Peffer’s mind, and he began collecting in earnest.

That player pool contained many Patrick Mahomes cards, the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback who was the 2018 NFL Most Valuable Player. Peffer said he sold his cards shortly after the halfway point of the season. He still has some regret — if he had held onto the cards until the end of the season, he could have sold them for even more.

“I knew if I built up a big enough collection and invested in the right player pool, that eventually I could do the same,” Peffer said. “By the time I was 20 (now 21) I was lucky enough to have amassed a sports card collection worth about the same as a nice brand new car while working part-time here at what was Benos Pizza.”

Former owner Fred Beeno employed Peffer for almost three years at his shop, and gave him the opportunity to learn the business. He also gave him the first chance to take over his business. Peffer was able to do so by the sale of his cards, and is grateful for the opportunity.

“I’m excited to start offering a stable delivery option if I can,” Peffer said. “I’ve wanted to be an entrepreneur from day one and I love making people happy with fresh pizza, so I just couldn’t turn down the opportunity.”

A new and improved menu offers some exciting possiblities for pizza lovers.

Some of the new choices include a cheesburger pizza, complete with pickles and a hint of mustard that is unexpected but a nice addition.

Other options are a spicy dill pickle pizza, Chicago-style, a CBR (chicken, bacon and ranch), Cajun-style, breadsticks and other items.

Peffer said he plans on experimenting with his menu and offering frequent specials based on customer suggestions.

For more information, call (989) 725-2550 or visit the Momma P’s Pizzeria Facebook page.

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