Please do not sign the petitions that “6 week” abortion ban groups are circulating. They are using a back door to take away women’s rights here in Michigan.

Characteristically, these groups are religious extremist groups and white male lawmakers who are very giddy to force women and girls to be pregnant.

This abortion ban takes the pea-sized group of cells in a woman’s uterus as more important than the woman herself.

In Latin America, where these cruel bans are in effect, women are jailed for questionable miscarriages and thousands of girls age 10 to 14 are forced to carry pregnancies.

Can you imagine this horror? Fourth grade girls in school pregnant, 8th grade girls humiliated and pregnant, young female graduates pregnant and losing out on jobs and careers to “non-pregnant” males.

And what about victims of domestic violence forced to be pregnant?

These bans on female health care and abortion are extreme sexual abuse and are horrific.

Protect the rights of women and children. Support women’s health care.

J. Parks


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