Lately I am appalled at the hate filled letters calling Trump supporters Nazis and terrorists. What is accomplished by such rhetoric? I personally believe that Biden is totally incompetent and is responsible for the mess we are in. This includes the border, Afghanistan (allowing hundreds and maybe thousands of American and Afghanistan US supporters that we promised to protect to probably be killed), bankrupting our country with his reckless spending, etc. Yet I refrain from calling Biden’s supporters communists and enemies to America’s constitution. As a veteran along with all my veteran friends I resent being called unpatriotic.

President Trump had a plan to keep the illegal aliens from crossing our southern borders (this was especially important with the Covid problem). He also had a specific exit plan for Afghanistan which was:

1) bring out the Americans and Afghanistan US supporters whom we promised to protect.

2) next bring out our military equipment so it did not fall into the hands of the Taliban.

3) finally bring home our troops.

He had checks in place to ensure completion of each step before the next step was initiated. Biden reversed the steps leaving the people with no protection and allowing the Taliban to capture our military supplies. Our southern borders and Afghanistan are in total chaos thanks to the total bungling of Joe Biden and his hapless administration. I challenge you to “truthfully” refute these points.

Gary Hammond


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