I have debated a long time whether to write this or to file it away in my brain, but after today I decided I needed to follow through with writing it.

I have had several trips to Owosso in the past few weeks and have had too many “close calls” to not say something about this. We have drivers on the road who should not be there. They drive like they are the only ones on the road.

They pull in front of other cars, from driveways and from McDonald’s into the highway in Durand.

They pass me on Lansing Road in the no passing area — they go by me like I’m sitting still and I’m doing the speed limit (I use my cruise control to make sure).

Today was really the last straw. I was driving to Durand from Owosso on Lansing Highway, and a car coming from Durand was over the center line heading toward my car. I used my hors and they get their car close to his lane.

Before I knew what they were going to do, they move their car over the center line, aiming for my car.

I had very little time to pull off the road, slowing down as quickly as possible.

This guy was on his phone as he went by. I honked my horn at him but I’m sure it made no difference. I looked in my mirror and he just kept on going.

If this keeps up, people will be killed because the ones who should be walking and not driving will continue driving like maniacs.

Please pay attention while driving and slow down.

Barb Harrison


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