I am reaching out for not only myself but a group of citizens regarding the situation with Corunna Police Chief Nick Chiros.

When is enough, enough? Where is the line drawn? Feelings don’t trump our amendments, but people’s views on what interference is gets to define if they broke the law or not?

How many situations go sour across the United States because of everyone’s new-found “I have rights and a camera?” Yes, I agree with the Constitution and having rights. Yes, if you want film do so, but why at the cost of another’s life or job?

These people do not know the inner workings of the scenes they show up at, nor the chain of command. Yes, the Michigan State Police asked the man to move but was the chief above them at that point? Interference is clearly defined as anything that interferes with an officer doing his duty. That person was 100 percent interfering.

He previously harassed locals and police at the post office, as well as places all over. Where does it end?

What makes him more powerful and above the safety of others? These people are not helping our community, they are not “policing the police,” they are making our country more divided and looking for more views and YouTube fame, which he states is monetized. If you haven’t looked at his YouTube, I beg you to do so — along with those in his circle.

I’m sorry, but we the people are frustrated. What happened to the days of backing our officers doing the job no one else wants to do or could handle: saving children, stopping drugs or a drunk driver that could have hit a family driving down the road, watching people take their last breaths or giving breath back into a life that would have perished otherwise?

They have spent their lives protecting, serving and saving us. Why are so many so quick to turn their backs on them?

Emily Thomas


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Protecting people's right is the polices job. The city viewed the tape and decided that this officer went too far. It is the city's job to balance the needs of all it's citizens. Until there is solid evidence otherwise, I think we should back the city and it's decision in this case.

Mother Hen

Speak for yourself, Ms. Thomas. Anytime an officer of the law chooses to violate a person's constitutional rights it is WRONG. I'm thankful that cell phones are prevalent and this sort of thing is recorded and posted on social media platforms. Mandatory LEO body cams that can not be turned off would solve the problem in a hurry. Interesting that so many departments can't afford body cams, isn't it? If there is nothing to cover up then what's the issue?


I agree. I fully support and believe in our Constitution but I think we have become full of ourselves and think we are better than the person next to us. I don’t believe this is what our founding fathers had envisioned for their young nation and I am heartsick for how we act now. We are the freest, most prosperous nation in the world and we act like we are above everyone else. It’s time to stop and think about the other person. How can you help? How can you make a difference? It starts with one person... I choose you.


His entire Youtube channel is about instigating police officers. Must be nice to not have to work an actual job and make money from monetized youtube videos..

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