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Another Shiawassee County Board of Commissioners meeting, another reason to thank both the Argus-Press and Commissioner Marlene Webster, R-District 1, as well as the rare citizens who stand up for the taxpayers of this county.

Board Chairman Jeremy Root, who is my elected “representative” on the Board, is yet again trying to help a friend of his over-bill the taxpayers of this county, rather than aggressively vetting those who offer their “services” to the county.

Webster was my real representative and the voice for Shiawassee County taxpayers when she said, “I don’t understand why we would pay so much (for Attorney Ryan Painter’s services) … I’m not at all opposed to local counsel. I believe there are probably six local attorneys or more who have municipal experience and they should have an opportunity to bid and this did not go out for bid.”

Let’s hope that our new prosecuting attorney, Scott Koerner, will bring some much-needed ethics back to the office of the Shiawassee County Prosecutor. Koerner knows the contract should be going through the bid process, rather than being fast-tracked in the direction of another one of Root’s friends; friends who are so costly for the taxpayers of Shiawassee County. It would also not enhance the appearance of the Prosecutor’s Office if he were to siphon off the work for his staff. It wasn’t so long ago that the appearance of impropriety was enough to prevent unethical actions by those who have an ethical duty under the law.

If Koerner is serious about re-establishing honor, ethics and public trust in his disgraced office, he will stop listening to former judges and former prosecutors who resigned under dubious circumstances. This county needs a clean break from the corruption of the past. The challenge will be how such a break can happen when the good ol’ boys network is still going strong.

Theresa Rathwell


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Mother Hen

Well stated, thank you.


Bravo! Wonderful letter, thank you!

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