As far as Iran is concerned, I think the American people owe the Iranian people an apology for our government’s help in bringing down the first democratically elected government in the Middle East in the 1950’s. The American CIA, British MI6 and other intelligence personnel joined together and deposed the dutifully elected head of state of Iran and installed a dictator as Iran’s leader.

And it was all over oil. And it’s still about oil today.

The dictator was Shah Reza Pahlavi, and he in turn was deposed by radical Islamists. The dictator (Shah Reza Pahlavi) was infamous for his use of the secret police, torture (and the favorite of South American despots) the disappeared, which aided the radical Islamist’s rise to power.

After the Iranian people brought down our dictator of choice (whose rule radicalized the populace) they viewed us as the Great Satan and the rest is history.

An apology for those nefarious actions of our government is long overdue and might help rebuild our relations throughout the Middle East. And you know what, no one has to die.

It was reported today that Bernie Sanders is tied with Mayor Pete and Joe Biden for the lead in Iowa.

Bernie voted against our involvement in Iraq and is a health care reformer savant (Medicare 4 All and yes we can afford it). I am voting for Bernie Sanders for president and maybe you should too.

Thomas Ford


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If it's always been about oil, then why did we not take the oil from Kuwait after we saved the nation? Plus, our current administration has allowed our own oil to flow like never before. It's called energy independence. A far cry from years past when every market-control maneuver by OPEC really hurt us. Not anymore, thank you, but nice try.


So killing in the name of oil is okay? You are as sick and deranged as the coward leading the country.

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