Letter to the Editor

In response to a letter Aug. 12, headlined, “Trolls show themselves to be dim-witted creatures,” my letter on Aug. 5 was presenting statistical facts about teenage pregnancy.

It was not a condemnation or to be judgmental about any particular person. It was about facts teenage mothers must face. The topic was the hardships teenage mothers have when compared to non-teenage births.

A local writer took issue with the research done on this subject from the Department of Health and Human Services. And stated I was being scornful and trolling a teenage mother whom I’ve never met.

The facts are what they are. Teenage mothers need to know what they are up against and be ready to make adult decisions. They need correct information. Not all information about teen births is “happy time.”

This research is about predictors, not absolutes. For the majority of the time, teen mothers take the route the research suggests.

To be sure, there are teen mothers who have overcome hardship and have accomplished their dreams.

Could a particular teen mother accomplish her goals? Yes. Could she become an editor for The Argus-Press? Yes. Could her daughter become mayor of Owosso? Yes. Could she hit the lottery for millions? Yes. Or if she decides to have more children living off the state, she has that choice also.

Within the letter I wrote there were two distinctive and separate topics. The censor of my letter combined the two topics. The second topic was about President Donald Trump, not about teen pregnancy, which made his conclusion very perplexing, yet interesting.

Bryon Moon


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