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I went grocery shopping Saturday after work and spent more time standing in line then I did actually grocery shopping. I got my cart, shopped for my groceries, put them in my cart, took them to a checkout, put them on the belt, had them scanned and put them back into my cart.

I choose not to use the self scans. I am sure the store would prefer me to use them because they were all open and the check outs with an employee had only five open. I know they give me the privilege to shop at their store but if I am going to scan and then pack my groceries, doesn’t that make me an employee?

I just think it would be fair if I had more of a choice and was not forced to use the self-scans. There were so many people in the lines with a person checking us out, I cannot believe I am the only one who feels this way.

Janice Raymaker

New Haven Township

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Mother Hen

It's all about profit. Good customer service no longer matters.


I refuse to use self checkout, period. Pretty soon no one will have a job...


Sad, however true. We see it all the time, unfortunately, customer service seems not to be of importance any longer, which is something I happen to believe is of #1 importance. Please, continue to let the stores know, as we do, so they can work on these items. Hard work yields great rewards.

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