Letter to the editor

It’s not up to our law enforcement to babysit people to see who is wearing or not wearing face masks.

We are adults and should know, if a business states you must wear one, you wear one out of respect for the owner of the business. You should not have to have the law tell you to.

The police have enough on their plates, keeping our streets and neighborhoods safe. They shouldn’t have to try to keep up with our governor’s demands.

I like knowing our law enforcement is on the streets writing tickets rather than sitting in front of stores babysitting people who are old enough to know right from wrong.

Shame on you if you think our police aren’t doing their jobs. I back our officers.

Ed Wiseley


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If the anti-mask movement was not so violent, if the anti-mask movement did not directly threaten the lives of our essential workers, you might have a point.


Can only hope that the hungry kid who steals a sandwich from WalMart gets the same break on the "law" as the other lawbreakers.

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