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Several days ago, I received a phone call from a couple calling on behalf of The Shiawassee County Right to Life Chapter asking me to vote for, “the only Republican running for the seat on The Shiawassee County Board of Commissioners, District 2.”

Imagine my surprise, seeing how I am also a Republican running for that very seat.

As I explained this fact to them, they were totally flabbergasted. According to them, they had no idea there was another Republican running. Considering that I filed my candidacy on April 6, garnered signatures on my petition to qualify, engaged with the public in live videos on social media and just had an ad run for seven days straight in this very publication, I was confused about what to make of this matter.

How could these people be making calls encouraging people to vote for a candidate, when they had no idea that there was actually another Republican running for the same seat?

I recalled my interview with The Right to Life Chapter, (which by the way, I fully endorse). Dennis Hrcka was one of the interviewers, so I called him to see if he was even aware of the situation. Not only was he aware of it, the Chapter had organized the whole thing. He assured me the person making the phone call had gone off script, and I believe him to be a honest man.

However, I did not appreciate his statement to me that I should take comfort in knowing that only approximately 290 calls had been made. District 2 is the smallest district in the county. According to Shiawassee.net, 632 Republicans voted out of the approximate 9,300 residents in the 2018 primary. If you do the math, that means more than half of the registered Republican voters were told that there was only one Republican running for that seat.

Will this make a difference in Tuesday’s primary? Perhaps. Even if it doesn’t, it could have proven to be catastrophic for my campaign.

I am aware you cannot control people’s actions. I would just hope that when it comes to something this important, that impacts so many lives, that people would be more responsible with how these matters are handled.

So, if you did not know it yet, you do now. I am a Republican and I am running for the Shiawassee County Board of Commissioners in District 2. I urge all of you to get out and vote Tuesday. The primary is just as important as the vote on Nov. 3.

Elaine Wigle


Editor’s note: Thursday’s Argus-Press featured a front-page article describing candidates for all county board seats running in Tuesday’s primary election. That information also is availabe at argus-press.com.

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