Letter to the editor

In response to the letter in The Argus-Press: I did some fact checking of my own and discovered the writer is right about one thing.

Just because someone says something, doesn’t make it true. He referred to the Gun Control Act of 1934. Basically that act was nothing more than imposing a $200 tax on anyone who makes, transfers, sells or buys machine-type guns. They did this not just to make money, but to try to limit the number of assault weapons being bought. In 1934 that was a lot of money and it worked for a time, but after a few years, it lost its ability to dissuade.

Bringing up the Las Vegas massacre, which I believe killed the most people so far, and saying the murderer passed the background check only proves my point that we need more thorough background checks.

As to assault weapon bans not stopping mass killings, I’ll just let the statistics speak for themselves. During the assault weapons ban between 1994 and 2004 there was a 25-percent drop in gun massacres and a 40-percent drop in fatalities. During the 10 years following the ban, there was a 34-percent increase in fatalities in gun massacres even as overall violent crime continued downward.

The number of people who die in a gun massacre increased by 81 percent in the last five years. Assault weapons were used in at least 11 of the 15 massacres since 2014; at least 234 of the 271 people who died in gun massacres since 2014 were killed by weapons prohibited under that federal weapons ban.

Canada has strict gun laws. Perhaps you’d care to explain to me why, as of Dec. 2, 2012, there were 358 murders that year in Detroit and only one in Windsor, right across the river. Ditto for Australia and New Zealand.

Nobody wants to take your guns away, that, to me, would be worse than the situation we’re in now. We then would be truly at the mercy of tyrants, both foreign and domestic. My message is this, I’m not telling anyone what to think. All I’m saying is if you read or hear something that upsets or confuses you — fact check it.

Patricia Wheeler


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Great Letter. We have to do something!

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