Letter to the editor

The so-called founding fathers of our country, with their limited capabilities and the inability to foresee the future, molded this land into what once was the goal that freedom-loving nations hoped to attain.

“Liberty and justice for all” has become about as meaningful as the casual greeting “How’s it goin?” — to which nobody expects a detailed response.

Our democratic republic no longer exists. Democracy has been replaced by plutocracy — governing by the wealthy. Campaign finance/election reform is a joke. Any attempt to regulate contributions is ineffectual. Some Poindexter in an Italian suit, with a shingle on some intimidating law firm’s wall, will always devise a novel scheme to circumvent the laws, thereby ensuring his sponsor’s personal hand puppet will obstruct any attempt to dislodge him for his own ivory tower. Said puppet will plug his/her ears and utter the timeless first grader’s refrain, “nah, nah, nah, you can’t make me.”

Conscience is no longer relevant, just keep those Benjamins coming. Judas had nothing on this current class of obstructionists. The amount of money spent to assuage Donald Trump’s bruised ego will never be fully reckoned. His “Stop the Steal” mantra was merely self projection. His use of unwitting dupes to assail the Capitol was the culmination of months of strategy. The Aggrieved One plays his base like his own set of little green men like in “Toy Story.”

Find some sophomoric three-word chant to rally the rabble — “Lock her up” or “build the wall” — and he’s proud as a dance instructor at his students’ first recital. Woe betide anyone who dares deviate from the playbook. He’s already laying the groundwork for the second coming. His disciples are writing new canons to enable him to usurp the throne. The Electoral College system was conceived with concern that “someone unqualified, but with a talent for intrigue and the little arts of popularity could attain high office” (Alexander Hamilton, Federalist Papers No. 68).

Clearly, this has failed. Time for one person, one vote legislation. It’s much less corruptible and harder to manipulate. Trump’s crowning achievement? Tax cuts for the wealthy. He crowed at Mar-a-Lago, “I just made you all a whole lot richer!”

It’s ironic that those who paved his way to office would be the least likely to afford the $200,000 membership/$16,000 annual fee and thereby excluded. Their company is not desired.

Unless you’re a teen-aged murderer or cult hero. Then you’re welcome. Probably even waive the dress code. Your goober beanie and “Free As F***” T-shirt are good to go.

Mike Martin


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Didn't make much sense. I should have been reading my Bible.

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