Letter to the editor

To all Democratic union people, what do you think of President Joe Biden now?

With a stroke of a pen, he has eliminated thousands of union jobs, and there are more to come. I thought the Democratic Party was for the union people. I’ve been a Teamster trucker for 52 years and I’m glad I didn’t vote this clown into office. Clowns are supposed to be funny, but this one isn’t.

Gary Kiger


Editor’s note: Kiger is referring to the cancellation of the Keystone XL Pipeline. TC Energy Corporation said about 1,000 people will lose jobs because of Biden’s executive order. An additional temporary 8,000 to 9,000 construction jobs won’t be filled. Once complete, the pipeline would have employed about 35 people full-time.

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Thank you editors, for once again reminding of us reality in the mist of opinions that lack reason.

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