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One would think that if a person spent more than 30 years in education, they would have a pretty solid grasp on civics. This apparently isn’t the case for former Owosso High School Principal Roger Elford. Otherwise, you’d think he would know the difference between an enumerated right and a privilege.

His comparison of using/owning a firearm and driving/owning a car is so far off the mark that it is ludicrous. Yet he, and others of his ilk, continue to do so.

Let’s make another comparison that will hopefully make them understand their folly.

Imagine if you will:

You need a background check before you are allowed to write a letter to the editor.

You need to register your computer with the government and they can inspect it at any time.

You need a license before you are allowed to speak at a city council meeting.

It is against the law for you to have a large gathering.

Sounds pretty stupid, doesn’t it? It’s also pretty dangerous. Clearly those are a number of violations of your First Amendment rights. Yet, those are all restrictions currently placed upon our Second Amendment rights.

Some will say, “Speech isn’t as dangerous as guns!” I think 6 million European Jews would beg to differ, if they hadn’t been killed that is. Words from one man nearly drove them to extinction.

Elford writes about values but again misses the mark because he’s going after inanimate objects like guns. The value of life is no longer taught at home or at school. At least not the way it used to be. Back when I was in school, guns were everywhere. In the cars in the parking lot for hunting before or after school. Sometimes they were brought in to school for repair in shop class or for participation in the shooting club and yet no one was shot.

In the ensuing years, guns were demonized, everyone gets a trophy, and there are no winners or losers. Moms and Dads were stripped of or abdicated their parental responsibilities. The kids aren’t taught how to deal with life’s troubles and are totally unprepared for the reality of the teenage years and adulthood. Then the shootings started.

Obviously, guns are not the problem.

Carl Stevens


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Funny. I've yet to see somebody killed by pulling your finger back.....Unless a gun was involved. Just sayin


Vote for Beto then already.


Truth cause a little twinge does it?

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