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For the past three years, we’ve heard it all — repeated over and over: President Donald Trump’s lies, fraud and cruelty are all “baked in.”

The end justifies the means. My bank account is all that matters. Recently, we became acutely aware of the hypocrisy practiced by evangelical Christians — even rejecting a call (for Trump’s removal) by one of their own flagship publications.

Franklin Graham, for instance, is apparently prepared to dismiss any and all of Trump’s legal, ethical and moral transgressions in exchange for the appointment of a few conservative judges. But perhaps the most frightening trend is the eager willingness of average Americans to accept virtually any criminal behavior in exchange for what is perceived as personal prosperity.

While readily confessing Trump is absolutely not a “role model” for their children, these political supporters nevertheless enthusiastically defend the worst of Trump’s faults, thereby demonstrating to the world America has discarded every moral norm in the pursuit of wealth.

It is no longer true the United States stands for a higher standard. We are willing to sell out every principle we have ever espoused for a little bit of money. If the GOP now trumpets the “anything goes” philosophy, what possible difference can it make whether we vote for a rapist or a thief, as long as he will make us richer?

Thomas Smith


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Something I've been saying for over 40 years. The churches are full of hypocrites who go to church, say their Hail Marys, and Hallelujahs, and then go out and commit crimes, assault kids, do drugs, steal money, etc. And then consider themselves a person of faith.

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