It has been quite a year. We lived past the last president, a year of COVID-19 and everything in between. We have seen protests, government hearings, school shootings and crime topped off by some of the worst wildfires, floods and tornadoes. Race is a constant flashpoint and gender equality is the conversation of our time. It paints a pretty bleak picture.

In our 24/7 world of media and talking heads, we sometimes forget all that we have. Yes, there are many problems in our United States and, at times, “united” is the last word you would think of. But it is because of this constant back and forth that makes us the truly greatest country to ever hold its place on this spinning blue ball. Many think not, but even being able to voice that opinion is a reason we are a great nation.

I hear from both sides of our political spectrum and the shouting is falling on deaf ears. If we are going to change anything, we all must listen more and speak less. The great leaders — Abraham Lincoln, Dr. Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Gandhi — all strived to bring people together and remove division, whether it was because of race, money, or suppression of thoughts and deeds. It was not an easy task and many lives were given for these ideals.

We are not a perfect union. We as a nation and a people have always tried and failed — but we try again. There will always be issues we need to overcome. But we have hope.

In this season of Christmas, during which a child born in a stable in an obscure village to an oppressed race and became a man that forever changed the world, there is hope.

When we are surrounded by friends and family this season, look to all the good things. Be encouraging to others, and to others with whom you disagree, at least listen. Most of what separates us is far smaller than the things we have in common. Be thankful as we have so much in this country, where on this day children will be starving in Afghanistan and throughout the world, children will know nothing of Christmas.

The battles between ourselves should be an embarrassment. We are better than this.

May all of you have a blessed Christmas and a great hope in the New Year.

Keith Bailey


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Beautiful reminder for everyone. Thank you. Merry Christmas to all.

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