If a person has to go into a nursing home and cannot pay whatever they were charged for care, then the nursing home can take your property.

But I didn’t know a person could be held hostage until every cent was gone.

So when Mid-Michigan Guardianship gets the last cent from Bob Neil, what are they going to do? Throw him out on the street to be beat up again?

And why are Lansing Police still holding his phone with all his contact information in it, for a year and a half?

Yvonne Cooper


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Yvonne, I am sure the police are still holding his cellphone as evidence. Not sure. Seems like the guardian does want to keep him there for as long as possible. It's sickening.


Let's rally together and help this man! Call the Attorney General, contact news media, get the petitions moving. What is happening to Bob is wrong, totally wrong. Let's help our neighbor.

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