The American Nazi Trump Party (formerly the Republican Party) are more than happy to point fingers and misdirect focus on the debacle going on right now in Afghanistan. They are ignoring, of course, that former President Donald Trump is the one who negotiated the deal. In fact, he was responsible for the release of the Taliban leader from a Pakistani prison.

As much noise they make about women’s rights being violated and the violent takeover of a legitimate government, they are strangely silent about the attack on women’s rights and the Civil War brewing here. They are no way concerned with evacuating Afghans that helped us.

In fact, Marjorie Taylor Greene and others voted against the measure that would do just that. They don’t want Afghans here. The idea is that those in countries where there is civil discord, political and economic problems and countries in the third world where people are starving that somehow it could never happen here because we are somehow better. And that those in the countries mentioned are somehow inferior basically because they’re brown people.

And as much as they talk about getting them out, in the end they don’t want to “bring them here.” Very Christian, by the way. Jesus would be proud of you.

Ask yourself, all you bible-thumping flag waving Trump Nazis; what would Jesus think of Donald Trump? For those of you who interpret the Bible literally, specifically the Old Testament and Revelations, do you think maybe Trump is the Antichrist? Ask yourself these questions honestly. The fact is most Trump supporters hold up the cross and wave the flag while embodying the ideals of neither. These people are not really Christians, not really Americans. They are caught up in the imagery.

That’s why they’re so fanatical about the flag. Not what it stands for — they could care less about that — they just like the imagery. It goes along with their blood and guts “America First” anti-democracy agenda. The Republicans will do their very best to blame Biden for Afghanistan, but they will not look at the terrorists in the mirror.

Jeff Carmody


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