You can be excused if you didn’t notice the resignation of Sarah Sanders, the absentee White House “press secretary”; for months she has likely been preparing for her new career: lying to all the Fox News viewers who, unlike the White House press corps, will actually believe her mendacity.

Her tenure working for Trump has become the gold standard for defending the indefensible; and amplifying the daily deceit that is the hallmark of the least transparent presidency in the last century of American administrations.

Until Trump decided to conduct his own briefings (with the roar of Marine One wasting our tax dollars while making his BS virtually inaudible) Sarah has been AWOL, being paid even more tax dollars while, thankfully, eliminating her useless babble.

If I had a dollar for every lie, evasion and empty podium she presided over in two years of stealing her payheck, I’d be sunning myself in Bermuda.

But then, few of us have that much money.


Thomas Smith


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Mother Hen

Well stated.


Next. Conway

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