Letter to the editor

President Donald Trump is not incompetent, as far as keeping ahead of this virus.

While Democrats were trying to impeach him, he was already taking measures to try to control what he saw coming. I wasn’t aware of the virus back then, were you?

President Barack Obama didn’t do that.

Do you think it won’t save thousands of lives getting it perfected as quickly as he has?

Who says South Korea’s tests are perfect? This virus will go away and I think the president’s awareness of it will save countless lives.

Trump took office, jumped right in to do the job and has made some mistakes — but far fewer than anyone else would have.

Trump has had an uphill battle since he took office. Keeping all Americans safe from disease and countries that mean to do us harm is not an easy job.

After this virus scare has passed, we will all be thankful the president did what he could so quickly.

Wynoma Chalker


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In 2018 Trump fired the entire pandemic response team and did not replace any of them. That's not really "doing a good job" it's actually dereliction of duty.

JMB 1911

Mostly false...



Trumpy was golfing while the world was in a Health emergency. Guess he does his best thinking while playing with his clubs and balls.

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