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Recently, a frequent contributor to The Argus-Press’ opinion page pointed out, in his opinion, some of our community leaders’ shortcomings in the handling of the coronavirus.

He went as far as to say some were rubber-stamping President Donald Trump and insinuating our president and his “enablers” would be the cause of someone you know becoming sick, even dying, this summer.

At the very onset of this virus, wasn’t it Trump who closed travel to and from China? Several Democratic leaders deemed him xenophobic.

Who remembers Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi scoffing at the very idea COVID-19 was dangerous? Come on down to Chinatown is how she put it.

From the very beginning, Trump has made many hard-call decisions to ensure our safety from this unexpected virus and the Dems wanted to use it to place former Vice President Joe Biden as our president.

The Dems are using every trick in their bag — with the liberal, mainstream media’s assistance — to put their candidate into the presidency.

Trump, say what you will, has been a strong leader for each and all Americans.

Can you truly say Democratic leadership wants to be a good thing for our troubled country? Let that sink in.

Jason Stallcup


Editor’s note: During a tour of San Francisco’s Chinatown, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said, “Come, because precautions have been taken.” She also said, “Prevention, prevention, prevention. We want people to be concerned and vigilant. However, we don’t want them to be afraid.”

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The first Covid-19 cases in USA were all traced to Europe, not China. So how did a travel ban on China help? It was just smoke and mirrors.

Is Trump really a strong leader, or is he bull-headed? Big difference.

Mother Hen

Trump ignored the early reports of the virus for weeks. He dismisses the knowledge and expertise of universally-recognized disease experts such as Dr. Fauci. He dismisses scientific fact-based guidance if it is contrary to what he thinks. Most of the cases came from European countries, not China. He dismissed the importance of wearing masks for weeks. Then he suddenly appears wearing a mask and said it was necessary. We needed a competent and strong leader to help guide us, as a nation, through this pandemic. Instead, we got more of the same old, same old--incorrect statements about the virus that were the opposite of what the medical experts were saying, deflecting, blaming, finger-pointing, and his constant Twitter stream of babble.


All this as the Dems were busy blaming, pointing fingers and Biden was hiding out, not answering any questions.


This is another brainwashed member of the Tokyo Rose/ Trump cult who is told everything she knows.....And she believes it all.


Au contraire, mon frère.


US Steel is building lots of factories. NONE built and two closed costing up to 1500 jobs. When the weather gets warm the virus will disappear like magic. Three spiking states were Texas, Florida, and Arizona. Yup. The heat just blew that virus away. Brainwashed followers still believe him....

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