Letter to the editor

This past year has shown us all that life can change quickly, and that we need to adapt. Our small community of Laingsburg has so many people that make a difference every day. But today I would like to highlight a few outstanding people that make the difference in the lives of 100 girls within the Laingsburg Community. Like everyone else our Girl Scout Leaders have been dealing with all the changes that COVID has brought us. As Girl Scout Leaders, our number one goal was to keep our girls safe both physically and mentally.

We are lucky enough to have 25 women that adapted what our normal meetings look like. They held virtual meetings and sometimes just reached out to the girls to let them know they were there. These leaders knew that continuing the connection for our Girl Scouts was so important during these trying times to bring a bit of normalcy to an abnormal time.

These leaders help our girls to find their place in the world by exploring new things and by building their courage, confidence and character. April 22 is Girl Scout Leader Appreciation Day. Take a moment to thank a Girl Scout Leader, past or present for the difference they have made in your life or within your community. Also, remember the volunteers that assist us during our meetings and field trips and the numerous other ways they help.

Please take a moment to thank the following Laingsburg leaders for helping our girls become all that they can be: Adrienne Mertens; Amanda Conklin; Mikaela Steffens; Linda Wright; Jessica Sebenick; Jamie Boyle, Jamie Nixon, Monica Erickson; Nicole Fickes; Mindy Merrill; Nicole Justice, Ashley Foster; Gretchen Highfield; Amanda Aldrich; Leslie Sandin-Brink; Kristyna Baynes; Krista Story, Bekah Allen and Becky Nanasy. We would also like to give a shout out to Cory Highfield for his assistance as our Area Treasurer. We couldn’t do it without him.

With your leadership you make our community better by guiding our girls along the path of making a difference in the world.

Thank you all for the great job you do.

Jody Frank


Laingsburg Girl Scout Service Unit 321

Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan

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