Letter to the editor

The holder of the “green felt pen” marker again takes pen in hand to make a bracket around the headline on Page 4 of The Argus-Press’ March 24 issue.

“FACT CHECK” is encircled. He also picks up his calculator to emphasize what a high percentage of those contracting COVID-19 recover.

I highly recommend that those who read The Argus-Press thoroughly process the sub-title: “Virus outbreak means (mis) information overload: How to cope.”

This is precisely the point my letter covered, for which I was criticized. I still maintain we are overloaded with too much (mis) information, especially from the social media and from non-professional people who are venting their opinion.

But, after all: “It is news.”

James Crawford

New Lothrop

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And every persons opinion is as factual as yours. But you seem to think only Republican opinions are Gods word.

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