Letter to the editor

I would like to encourage all voters in the Laingsburg school district to support the bond issue Tuesday.

For many years, I served as the high school counselor at Laingsburg High School. My five children graduated from Laingsburg and now two of my grandchildren are attending Laingsburg schools.

During all these years I have learned that no two of all those hundreds of children are the same. They come to school with different abilities and interests. Their personalities and skill sets are very different. Good teachers are challenged every day by the variety of young people in their classrooms. Each student deserves the best school experience we can provide.

To bring out the best in the variety of young people coming to our school, we need to provide educational experiences that help each youngster to grow and mature into high quality, confident adults that care about their own and give back to the community around them.

The issue before us is a giant step toward providing those experiences to our young people. Providing an auditorium where plays and musicals, public speaking, dance recitals, and band concerts can be prepared and performed will be fantastic. Expanding an obviously growing interest in music education will give that segment of the students a giant boost.

Providing the extra athletic facilities so that student athletes don’t have to practice at odd hours of the day and night will allow our youngsters to be good competitors and still keep up with their academic classes.

One of my most treasured school experiences was watching the students come into the brand-new high school for the very first time in the fall of 1993. Their eyes were big. Their faces and their voices had “wow” written all over. They were very eager to start new learning experiences. But they also were saying, “my parents and this community really care about me and my education.”

Lets take the next step and show them that Laingsburg kids always matter.

John Marsh


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