Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, a serving national security officer, testified that our president did, in fact, pursue a quid pro quo with the president of Ukraine.

Republicans and the conservative media are questioning his patriotism and honor merely because he is doing his duty: telling the truth about wrongdoing he, like many others, have personally witnessed. There is clearly no sewer the GOP is unwilling to climb into in order to justify the corrupt behavior of Donald Trump.

The valor of this Purple Heart recipient is being sullied because he was born in the Ukraine. Therefore, any naturalized citizen who serves our nation can now be deemed dishonorable because of their birthplace and commitment to the truth. I despise those who attempt to defend the indefensible by showing contempt for the service of patriots. Shame, shame on these pitiful lowlife politicians who are incapable of accepting the facts delivered by the most valorous among us.

Thomas Smith


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Remember. The President and the GOP looovve their soldiers. As long as they lie as they do.

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