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The governor of Texas recently signed into law making it illegal for a woman to have an abortion after six weeks. In an attempt to enforce this law, the state has instituted the creation of a authoritarian model of enforcement, a mandate from the religious zealots, the purpose of which is to seek out violators.

During the Cultural Revolution in China during the 1950s, the communist government required that all youth be radicalized and required to join the Red Guards for purposes of reporting to the government their parents, siblings, friends and anyone else they believed was violation the mandates of the chairman of the Chinese Communist Party.

The new Texas anti-abortion law apparently is an attempt to emulate the same devout level of devotion to a radical cause, which states that it is the responsibility of citizens to sue any woman who has had an abortion, with the incentive being a bounty reward of $10,000.

Can you imagine a disgruntled teenager, who is aware of the dollar amount of the reward, reporting his mother’s recent abortion to the authorities or even overhearing her discussing with her husband the possibility of having an abortion? This law also even applies to anyone who has assisted a woman in this effort by any means, even if they were to provide the woman transportation across the state line.

What will be the consequences if this law continues to be enforced? A determined pregnant woman will still continue to take every means necessary to have an abortion. A study conducted in Texas in 2015 determined that more than 250,000 women attempted to self-induce. Most of these women were likely not from families of means, but were those who could not afford an abortion, legal or illegal. Who knows how many thousands of these women severely mutilated themselves or died. Undoubtedly, this tragic scenario will continue in spite of any law.

A woman’s choice to abort is about tragedy and a loss to society. However, who could have foreseen the unconscionable manner by which the state of Texas is implementing this draconian means of enforcement, with the likelihood that religious zealots in other states will adopt the Texas model, which should cause everyone with any sense of decency to find this law absolutely horrendous and totally unAmerican.

Frank Davis


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Come on man. You know this is the all the Democrats fault..

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