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The Bill of Rights was written, debated and approved by the wisest men this country has seen. A lot has changed with 250 years.

Concerning the Second Amendment, guns were safeguarded for reasons of survival and the thought of providing a citizens’ militia to guard our fragile existence from invasion and tyranny that was prevalent in other parts of the world.

Despite all their wisdom, I’m sure they could not have foreseen the types of weapons we have today: assault weapons, high-capacity magazines, bump stocks and high-powered ammunition compared to the single-shot muskets used then.

The military should be the only ones to have access to these items while the public should have hunting, sport shooting and personal protection guns if a background check allows it.

We shouldn’t believe the scare tactics of the NRA. Nor is there any reason to need Second Amendment sanctuary counties.

I am a gun owner. I’m doubtful, but hopeful Congress will do something of significance. The Second Amendment can be left intact, yet bring sensible gun control to this country as favored by the majority of the public.

Dennis Novak


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AMEN! Good article. There is a reason that amendments to the constitution have been added over the decades. As great as they were, our founding fathers were not clairvoyant.

JMB 1911

So go through the steps to amend it. Until then, quit trying to do an end run around it.

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