Saturday my wife and I took a leisurely ride to Culver’s for sundaes. I had forgotten that they discontinued two of my favorite toppings until they reminded me at the drive-thru. So I made do with something else. I decided when we got our desserts that I would ask to speak to a supervisor. A very nice young lady appeared and I expressed to her my disappointment even though other Culver’s still carry those two toppings. She apologized, said she couldn’t do anything about it but said she would mention it to her manager. I thanked her because it was a demonstration of good customer service.

As we were eating our frozen custard in the parking lot, I decided that I would go back through the drive-thru line and ask that supervisor to take my name and phone number in case the restaurant decided to reinstate those toppings. When we got to the window, there was a different supervisor there and I expressed my surprise. She asked what she could do for me and I said the other supervisor was aware of my concern. She said, “Oh yeah, you’re the guy who wants peanuts and butterscotch. We don’t have any and won’t have any.” I said I was aware of that, but I wanted to leave my name and number in case they changed their mind. She said that won’t happen.

After again asking to take my information, she rolled her eyes and did so, but wasn’t happy about it.

Apparently the customer isn’t always right.

I love the Culver’s franchise, but I won’t be returning to this one.

Larry Alpert


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