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It is no surprise Brian Boggs refused to step down as a member of Durand City Council.

What caught my eye was Boggs’ claim that his elected position with Durand city government should not be affected by any alleged misconduct while working as Shiawassee County coordinator because the two positions are not “consubstantial.”

He likened the suggestion that his failure of judgment in the one should implicate the other to a hypothetical demand that his fellow council member Jeff Brands step down for an error made in his day job as an architect. This is a feckless argument on Boggs’ part, although the big word may have distracted some, as it was intended to.

Perhaps Boggs’ resort to a term most commonly used in debates on the nature of the Eucharist is a Freudian slip and indicative of the martyr’s role he sees for himself in all of this, but, in any case, his choice of analogy reveals that he has failed to grasp the moral valence of his actions in county governance and their implications on his fitness to serve in any office of the public trust.

Boggs did not misplace a doorway in a blueprint or fail to calculate the depth of the water table in planning a basement. He misappropriated funds that were placed under his control and attempted to covertly use them to enrich himself and his fellow commissioners rather than the purpose for which they were allocated.

Brian Boggs’ special charism (gift) in public life appears to be his consistent blindness, willful or otherwise, to the ethical and prudential implications of what he has done. However, no amount of deflection will transubstantiate the record of his misdeeds into one of harmless error with no bearing on his fitness for public office, or even private fiduciary service.

He should have the good grace to resign. The State Bar of Michigan’s Character and Fitness Committee undoubtedly will be interested in this fine fellow sooner or later. Go away. Vade retro.

Rebecca McClear


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You are my favorite opinion writer! I too, caught his use of words that others may not have understood the slip. He uses words like this, as a way to confuse or mitigate his actions. I am not shocked that he passed the character and fitness test, prior to sitting for the bar, as no one dared speak ill of him. I am sure the State Bar Assoc. is well aware of his actions, now that he has sat for the state exam.

Mother Hen

Well said. Thank you. Boggs is delusional if he truly believes what he states.


This is my favorite summary of all of this! I also enjoyed in Monday’s meeting how he threw Jeff Brands under the bus so arbitrarily. I believe the exact words he used were “a misstep at his day job”. What Boggs did is more than a misstep, and I’m sure if Brands were embezzling money from his company, people would have thoughts about him serving on the city council. For somebody who sure like to boast the whole slew of letters he lists after his name, he really likes common sense, practicality, and foresight.


The "Vade Retro" ending had me laughing heartily


This whole letter was top notch, but that was the most perfect ending it could have had.


Bravo! Well stated!

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