Letter to the Editor

This letter concerns an update on the rebate offer by Consumers Energy for outages last July, on the 2nd and 20th.

On July 29, I submitted a letter in which I questioned the process required by the customer to obtain a rebate. The process required the customer to apply separately for each outage, either online or by phone. The utility did not notify customers of this procedure, it was only learned through news sources. Obviously, many eligible persons did not apply through lack of information or because of the complicated application procedure.

I applied separately, online for each outage. On Aug. 22 I received separate letters for each one. One was accepted and one was denied. The denial was because it was a “catastrophic” event. The letters did not identify, which event met the criteria and which did not. Even though any application should not be required, it is even more absurd to have to apply for the event that was deemed ineligible.

On July 28 I emailed State Rep. Ben Frederick outlining the injustice of this process to his constituents and requesting his input or help on our behalf. As of this date there has been no response. I did not receive a message indicating the email was not sent or received.

Perhaps he is becoming a “career” politician and hesitant to disturb the status quo for fear of corporate retaliation. Definitely something to consider in the next election as the electorate may have more bearing on a career than corporate interests.

Robert Callard

Woodhull Township

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